Him, Allah the Highest, the Supreme

Haq taelã has many names that refer to different degrees.
The first  degrees is the degree of  theEssence. 
Considering that the Essence is indescribable, 
it is with the word 'Hou' (= Him) that is made reference to this degree
Then, come the degree of  the divine attributes and names. 
The name of 'Allah' (God) is the most global name 
among all the divine attributes and names, 
therefore it is the most important divine name to this degree

In the Speech of the Guardians of the Revelation (peace of God be upon them),
it says that the first name which Allah chose for himself is
العليّ الأعلى
al-Aĕliyy al-Aĕlã
the Highest, the Supreme
therefore, this name is the first description and praise possible about Allah
So the Foundation Hayaat aelaa as epigraph for opening all its writings, 
uses this global and supreme name of Allah
and also
bismillahe ar-raȟmane ar-raȟim
which is the opening of use


Explanation about the background image = (the perspective of the galaxy)
The perspective of the galaxy = symbol of the Existence
The purpose of this perspective 
is to make reference to the Existence and the world of the existence,
Since depict Universe and all the world of the existence 
is not possible with usual means,
therefore the image of the galaxy has been chosen 
It is the greatest symbol of the Existence in the level of the representation.


The meaning of the Mahdavi shrine image

The image of the Mahdavi shrine  = the symbol of Hazrat Sãheb oul amr

Since the supreme purpose of Haq taelã’s knowledge is in union to Him
and since Haq taelã is Impenetrable, Indescribable 
and beyond our perception and discernment,
the only way of knowledge, servitude and union with Truth
is the knowledge of the Face of Allah
with conforming ourselves to it 	and progressing towards it
The Face of Allah in this era is the Master of this time and the Time
the Imam of the Humans and the Jins,
Hazrate Mohammad ibn al-Hassan al-Mahdi, al Qã-em be amr Allah
He is the consistency and sustainability of the world of existence
and it is through him that Existence is established.
Those high realities are represented by the dome of the Mahdavi shrine 
(as a symbol and sign of Hazrat) in the center of the galaxy.

The radiance of the name 
هو الله العليّ الأعلى 
Hõwa-llah al-Aĕliyy al-Aĕlã
Him, Allah the Highest, the Supreme
in the top of the image refers to this:
The Existence depends on the Face of Allah 
and the Face of Allah is the place of the manifestation of Haq taelã


Explanations about the light ring at the center of the galaxy
The ring of light at the center of the galaxy = symbol Nahiyah Moqaddasah

An- Nâhiyah al-Moqaddasah

The semantic meaning of 'Nahiyah' is side, direction, country, region, place, center and field of energy. But here, including those meanings, there is a higher meaning; Nahiyah Moqaddasah means the Holy Presence 
which is the axis of the universe movement and the anchor of the existence world. 
It refers to the single point which is the center of the relation between all being and God, the Almighty,and it is the source which depends the apparition, 
the permanence and growth of all things. 
Also his knowledge, his total and perfect knowledge of every things, 
is similar to the flow of existence in the members of every being. 
So, the Holy Presence is the best and only true origin which may be perceived 
and the most dignified reference to which submit.
In the Cycle of the end of the times and at this moment,
 Aboul-Qãsem Muhammad Al-Mahdi (minhou-s-salam)
 is manifested in this Presence place. 
May God hastening his deliverance and his command upon everyone! 
Allah increase our knowledge, our affection and our submission to him 
and makes him satisfied about us ! 
Amin, O Lord of the worlds!

With the luminous ring in the center of the Galaxy we referred to the position of the Nahiyah Moqaddasah